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We sell CityCoco in Ukraine. We have already written a sufficient number of blogs with technical information on CityCoco e-scooters, but despite this, quite often a consultation with a client takes from one to two hours. And all this time is spent on the same questions:


The second part of the blog is titled “Be careful when buying an electric scooter! How long should CityCoco travel?"

In a previous blog post, we talked about the impact of the battery on the range. The battery is the most expensive part of an e-scooter. The second most expensive is the engine. Not only the maximum speed and traction of the electric scooter depends on it, but also the power reserve. A motor can waste energy inefficiently if it has low efficiency. The efficiency of low-quality Chinese electric motors can be 20-30% lower, respectively, the power reserve will be reduced by about the same amount. In this article, we will try to help you understand the electric motors installed in CityCoco electric bikes so that you avoid buying an electric scooter with a low-quality electric motor, as well as answer frequently asked questions:

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There are a lot of complaints about CityCoco-type electric scooters about the range, which is sometimes significantly lower than stated.

We're not talking about the e-bikes we sell.

We decided to write this blog with the hope of reducing the likelihood of an unsuccessful purchase of the CityCoco electric bike. To do this, we will tell you how not to buy a CityCoco electric scooter with bad spare parts, we will help you diagnose the cause of the problem and fix it if you come across such a device.

Almost all buyers ask questions about the service life and operation of CityCoco electric scooters. In this regard, starting from 2018, each of our electric scooters will be accompanied by an instruction manual with detailed recommendations for extending its service life. For those who bought an electric scooter from us earlier, or for those who bought/will buy it elsewhere, we specially wrote this blog to answer the most frequently asked questions:

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This design first appeared back in 2013, when German engineers developed an electric scooter called the Scrooser. It was made of aluminum and weighed only 28 kg, but at the same time it was not very pleasing with the rest of the characteristics - the maximum speed is only 25 km/h, the power reserve is 35 km, and, having one seat, it was designed for 125 kg of load. On the official website, the prices for it (at the time of this writing) are from $ 5,000, excluding delivery and customs duties!

CityCoco Sport

When visiting our store, many people ask: what is the difference between a CityCoco electric bike and a bicycle with a motor-wheel? The principle is the same!

The principle of operation is indeed the same, but still we decided to highlight the differences as much as possible.

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Some visitors of our store, when they first see electric scooters like CityCoco and their price, ask: “Why should I pay 800 $ or more, when a used gasoline scooter with a 50 cube engine costs from 300 $?”. We are trying to explain to our customers that buying any gasoline scooter and using it for several years, they will significantly overpay.