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The RIDE store (RIDE Bike Shop) is a specialized store in Kiev, where you can buy electric scooters of the CityCoco form factor, accessories and spare parts for them.

Our company works since January 2017, and we don't only sell Chinese electric bikes, but also produce our own models in Ukraine.

We also provide CityCoco repair services of any complexity.

Our mission is to improve the technical characteristics and quality of personal electric vehicles.

We are a team of young, motivated and dedicated people who strive to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

If you want to get as much information as possible about CityCoco electric bikes, their advantages and disadvantages, get recommendations for operation, find out the history of the origin of this transport, etc., we recommend reading our blog, where we share all this information in detail.

Our main advantage is the availability of a free test drive. So if you are ever in Kyiv, or come specially to buy an electric scooter, you will have the opportunity to ride each of the models presented.

If you want to ride around the most beautiful places in different cities of Ukraine on electric bikes like CityCoco, then you have the opportunity to use our partners' rental service.

We delivered our electric bikes to other countries. But in 2022 there is a war in Ukraine, so now we can not deliver to other countries. We do our best and we have CityCoco electric scooters in stock in the Netherlands. Delivery to any European country takes several days. To choose and order an electric scooter, visit our European website: https://cocoride.eu