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This design first appeared back in 2013, when German engineers developed an electric scooter called the Scrooser. It was made of aluminum and weighed only 28 kg, but at the same time it was not very pleasing with the rest of the characteristics - the maximum speed is only 25 km/h, the power reserve is 35 km, and, having one seat, it was designed for 125 kg of load. On the official website, the prices for it (at the time of this writing) are from $ 5,000, excluding delivery and customs duties!

This is the only original European electric scooter, in fact, assembled from Chinese spare parts ... But many thanks to the Germans for the created form factor, which gave a powerful start to the development and improvement of copies. It all started with SEEV/WOQU/BX - these are the factories that organized the production of copies of the original Scrooser. At the same time, all electrical parts and functionality in them are similar, and all that distinguishes these brands is the quality of the frame welding, painting. Over time, more modern counterparts began to appear with the names Caigees, Harley, Zero, LUQI, etc.

Now more details about each brand.

SEEV CityCoco

SEEV is the very first Chinese manufacturer of a copy of the Scrooser, the first copies with the name CityCoco were presented back in 2015. Rated motor power 800 W. Accumulator 60V 12 Ah.

The advantages of the model:

  • - the first brand in the world that began to copy Scrooser, which significantly increased the popularity of this type of electric bike
  • - thin battery that is almost invisible when looking at the bike from the side
  • - smooth welded seams of the frame.


  • - lithium polymer plates are used instead of the usual 18650 cells. Despite the fact that the battery manufacturer Samsung, it is less durable, absolutely not repairable, unlike the thicker ones using 18650 cells.At the same time, the SEEV frame design does not allow you to put any other battery there, all you have to do is buy a new one. for 70% of the cost of an electric scooter...
  • - maximum speed of only 35 km / h and a small power reserve. A record 80 km of run is often declared, but rarely does anyone honestly point out that this is a run in extreme LE (low energy) mode, which means driving at a speed of 4.5 km/h... The real mileage is 20-30 km if you drive on normal speed in city mode. This is in warm weather, and if we take into account the peculiarities of lithium batteries, then at zero degrees the mileage is even less...
  • - very low ground clearance, the battery is poorly protected
  • - lack of shock absorbers
  • - minimal set of functions, no alarm.

Perhaps all of the above would not have been considered disadvantages, if not for a significant overpayment for the "brand". That is why this model is no longer in production since 2019.


WOQU, BX are analogs of SEEV, which came out a little later at other factories. They have practically the same disadvantages and are also discontinued long ago.


CityCoco does not exist as a brand in China. SEEV was the first company to name it’s model CityCoco, and this word is still commonly used to refer to electric scooters of this form factor (a large scooter with a seat on wide wheels).

CityCoco, in fact, is a kind of constructor. Hundreds of Chinese factories develop and manufacture more and more modern and sophisticated models. Also, anyone can participate in the development, for example, the Ride and Ride Pro models were developed by our store together with a Chinese factory in 2017. Thanks to this opportunity, today we have a huge number of options, a more durable and adapted frame for our roads, a peak engine power up to 20000 W, a battery capacity of 50 Ah and more (at voltages up to 88V). The components used in non-branded CityCoco are usually not inferior in quality to those that were in the original branded models of the SEEV type, while WOQU can have significantly better characteristics.

The CityCoco form factor is extremely popular today, since after the modification of the chassis, the appearance of various functions and the increase in clearance, it has become a universal, unparalleled moped, the advantages of which we described here. In the event that the store conducts a full-fledged pre-sale preparation, the reliability of CityCoco is not inferior even to the European original Scrooser.

Electric Chopper

If you go to the largest Chinese marketplace Alibaba, you will see that the CityCoco form factor has become so popular that unscrupulous sellers often refer to any electric vehicle as such in order to increase views of their products. And absolutely all sellers call this the new form factor of electric scooters, which look like gasoline choppers. But look closely, what do these e-bikes have in common with the original SEEV CityCoco?

QROAD Yellow 1x12

It is no longer a scooter, and it does not have such safety advantages, such cross-country ability. Therefore, such electric scooters have nothing to do with the CityCoco form factor. But the motor, controller and battery are used from the same factories as CityCoco

Therefore, you need to be careful when buying both CityCoco and electric scooters with a "gas tank". By purchasing these products in precarious places, you can get on a scooter assembled from poor quality components. The specifics of the work of the majority of Chinese (as well as ours) sellers is based on the desire to make money by minimising the purchase cost at the expense of quality. We have written blogs that will help you avoid buying an electric scooter with a low-quality battery, engine, and also made recommendations for preserving their resource. In addition, in a separate blog, we explained how the scooter we sell differs from the one sold in China.

Starting in 2020, we began to produce electric bikes in the CityCoco form factor independently, on the territory of Ukraine. For example, a new tricycle model that has no analogues. More details can be seen in the video:

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