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Dear Customer!

We remind you very important information that applies to all devices with batteries: do not store a discharged battery for a long time! If you leave a scooter or other device, for example "for the winter" with a discharged battery, it will lose its maximum capacity and the range will decrease! A fully charged battery should also not be stored. Before long-term storage, we strongly recommend charging the battery to 60-80%.

What is the warranty for an electric scooter? The warranty period is indicated in the warranty card, as well as on the website in the description of each product. Usually the warranty period for an electric scooter is 12 months. Also, the warranty period can be negotiated individually.

The warranty covers the electrical part of the electric scooter, namely, only its expensive components:

  • battery
  • electric motor
  • motor controller
  • charger

Warranty for other electrical parts, such as throttle grip, control buttons for light and sound devices, headlights, turn signals, horn, speedometer, wiring is not covered. At the same time, the total cost of the electric scooter is reduced, and if necessary, you can pay extra for the warranty for the entire electrical part. The cost is negotiated individually.

This decision was made due to the fact that in the event of a breakdown of these small parts, the percentage of warranty cases is practically absent, the main reason for their breakdowns is due to falls, inadequate driving and other external factors.

The mechanical part of the electric scooter (shock absorbers, brake system parts, frame elements, threaded connections) is not covered by the warranty.

If there is no our service center in your country, then we allow self-removal of the defective part (under the online control of our specialist) and sending it for exchange / repair, in order to significantly reduce the cost of shipping (the client pays for shipping). Check the details by contacting the service centers.

Since any, even minor, interference with electronics will completely void your warranty service, before modifying, tuning your CityCoco, and installing additional electronic elements, please contact us. The service center in some cases may give permission for such independent interventions, or will offer an alternative option.