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Some visitors of our store, when they first see electric scooters like CityCoco and their price, ask: “Why should I pay 800 $ or more, when a used gasoline scooter with a 50 cube engine costs from 300 $?”. We are trying to explain to our customers that buying any gasoline scooter and using it for several years, they will significantly overpay.

In this blog, we will provide calculations for the cost of a gasoline and electric scooter over several years of operation.

Fuel savings

The minimum consumption of 2 liters of fuel per 100 km can be obtained only on new branded scooters such as Honda Dio in the driving mode without acceleration and braking at a speed of 30 km / h. City consumption will be at least 3 liters if you drive calmly and the engine is in good condition. Considering driving in cold weather, short-distance trips, trips with a second passenger, the consumption increases to 4 liters per 100 km. In total, every 100 km of track will cost at least $ 4.

If the average mileage is 15 km per day, then in a year it will be about 5500 km, and in 3 years - 16500 km. This is a conditional calculation, in which we do not take into account the winter period. With this mileage on fuel only, you will spend $ 660. You will be very lucky if you don't have to repair the engine, not to mention other breakdowns.

In the case of an electric scooter, the costs of not electricity are just scanty, only 1.5 kW of electricity is spent on one charge of a 20 Ah battery. Even with the highest electricity tariff and the fastest, most aggressive driving, you will spend about $ 0.25 per 100 km. That's $ 41 for 3 years with a mileage of 16,500 km. In reality, with a quiet ride and the usual home electricity rate for this period, the costs will be $ 15-20.

Fuel savings will be approximately $ 600.

Savings on spare parts

The electric scooter has practically no rubbing elements, even in the motor itself. Under normal operating conditions, only brake pads, discs and bearings wear out.

Even not counting the cost of maintenance and replacement of parts, given the cost of a gasoline used scooter in the region of $ 300, you could buy a NEW electric scooter for the saved money, instead of a used gasoline moped. If the mileage is twice as much, then in three years you will spend more money on gasoline and maintenance than the powerful and functional CityCoco.

Our customers often say: "In an electric scooter, you need to change the battery." Yes, of course you do. But:

1) The cheapest battery is 60 V 12 Ah, provides a minimum of 15,000 km. This is in conditions of aggressive driving with fast acceleration, with one or even two passengers and other additional loads. With sparing operation, the mileage will be up to 40 thousand km. For larger batteries, for example 20 Ah, which is slightly more expensive, the mileage increases in proportion to the capacity.

2) 12 Ah battery does not cost more than a new engine for a gasoline scooter. Of course, it is much easier to change the battery on an electric scooter than to make capital or change the engine on a gasoline moped.

3) A gasoline engine can easily be overheated and damaged from high revs, tight driving and other factors that are not so terrible for the electric motor, provided that overheating protection is installed.

4) The electric scooter can brake with an electric motor, this not only saves pads, but also recharges the battery while driving. And if your mechanical brakes fail, you can stop using regenerative braking. If your brakes fail on a gasoline scooter, then you are in a hopeless situation, since there are no more braking options.

For comparison, we took gasoline scooters with a volume of 50 cubic meters. cm and a power of 5-7 hp. Of course, electric scooters with 800 - 1000 W motors will not compete with them in speed, but versions of CityCoco electric bikes with a 3000 W motor are already available, which will leave them behind both in acceleration and maximum speed.

In addition, electric scooters like CityCoco have a whole list of huge advantages due to their form factor.

Also, a huge advantage of electric scooters over gasoline scooters is that you do not need a driver's license to drive!