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RIDE BIKE SHOP not only manufactures and sells electric bikes like CityCoco, but also professionally repairs these electric scooters, provides tuning services and sales of spare parts.

What repair and tuning services do we provide? Where can CityCoco be repaired?

Repair work:

  • Replacement of all kinds of spare parts
  • Wiring repair
  • Welding works
  • Tire fitting for CityCoco tires with a wheel rim of 8-13 inches
  • Accelerator handle repair
  • Controller repair
  • Repair of electric motors (motor wheels)
  • Battery repair


  • Assembly of rechargeable batteries of any capacity
  • Replacing the motor and controller with a more powerful one
  • Increase / decrease controller peak power
  • Increase / decrease the maximum speed of the electric bike
  • Installation of additional equipment (GPS trackers, turn signals, speedometers, etc.)
  • Installation and activation / deactivation of additional functions (cruise control, recuperation, etc.)
  • Changing the frame design (increasing ground clearance, etc.)
  • Adjusting the stiffness of the chassis (replacing shock absorbers, or just springs)

The RIDE service center is located in Kiev. Phone numbers and addresses can be found in contacts.

Our e-bikes can also be repaired (including warranty repairs) in other cities. You can find the contacts of such service centers in the contacts section.

We allow the following service centers to carry out warranty maintenance of our electric bikes (please, before visiting these service centers regarding warranty repairs, first warn us), and remotely help them in performing repair work.

Please note that the service centers listed in the contacts are simply separate service centers, and we cannot be held responsible for their ability and desire to perform certain repair work, deadlines, temporary changes in the work schedule and other similar nuances, so all information please check with the chosen service center before your visit.

If you are located in another city or country where our service center does not yet exist, this is not a problem. We made a video for you how to repair CityCoco yourself at home.












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