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  • A shop with electric bikes is located in Kyiv. It is possible to pick up the goods by self.
  • We deliver to other countries. The approximate cost of delivery to European countries is from $400 to $750, depending on the distance. Please note that upon receipt you may have to pay more tax (depending on the legislation of your country, on average $250). There is a cheaper option - we send the electric scooter to our border by mail, and you transport it across the border on your own, in which case you do not pay any shipping and taxes.


  • We accept payment in cash in our RIDE BIKE SHOP or by transferring to our account with a bank in Ukrainian hryvnia.

Top hits products

A versatile electric scooter with the ability to drive off-road, good functionality and an affordable price.
The most powerful CityCoco in the world with the highest quality branded electrical components.