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We sell CityCoco in Ukraine. We have already written a sufficient number of blogs with technical information on CityCoco e-scooters, but despite this, quite often a consultation with a client takes from one to two hours. And all this time is spent on the same questions:

  • - And you have exactly the original?
  • - Why is it so expensive, I saw on Alibaba (a Chinese wholesale marketplace) these cost $200, I will order it myself.
  • - Is there a pre-sale preparation? Doesn't it fall apart? Will the battery last at least half a year? Do you have wires on twists too? Will it close nothing? I want a 2000W motor but the controller is only 1000W? Because on the forums they write that...
  • - Can I use scooter in the rain?
  • - Are there electric scooters available? I'm ready to pay now, when will you send/deliver the scooter to me?
  • - I want to buy cheaper, if you don’t make a discount, I’ll turn to your competitors.

In addition, the buyers' question is practically in the first place: "How much does CityCoco cost in China?"

Take another marketplace, alibaba.com for example. Let's look for a scooter for $ 200 and try to figure out what we will be offered for this price.

During the search you will see offers to buy CityCoco from the European warehouse.

European Warehouse

It's just a warehouse where electric scooters are brought from China and stored there. This is not a store, you do not have the opportunity to check the product before buying. The price is higher than if you order directly from China. The quality of the goods is exactly the same. The only advantage is the delivery speed of several days instead of several months.

But if our goal is to buy as cheaply as possible, we ignore such offers and look at what is selling not from European warehouses, but from Chinese:

Website Alibaba screenshot

Search for "CityCoco" and go to the cheapest ad on the first page:

The name says Scrooser (German original for $ 6,000), the photo shows SEEV (it only has a Samsung battery in China itself costs more than $ 200). We leaf through the photo, and starting from the third page we see not SEEV (a box appeared under the bottom), but most likely what they will send us, as well as the declared characteristics.

We see a power reserve of 60-80 km and that the battery voltage is 60V. Please note: the frame is declared aluminum! On the same page below, you can see two more plates with characteristics that contradict each other.

Even when driving at a speed of 5 km/h with a 48/60v battery and a 10/12Ah capacity (it is completely unclear what kind of battery is there), this electric scooter will not travel 80 km. And 60 km will not travel under normal conditions. And judging by the weight of 51 kg, the frame there is steel, not aluminum.

If you contact the seller, they will write to you something like:

"Dear friend, we wrote on the plate that the motors are 500/800/1000W, and you will also have a 48 v 10 ah battery, because $200 is the price for the most minimal set. But such a price is possible only when ordering from 100 scooters, and if we sell you one, price will be $260"

Then the seller will send you a price list in pdf format with a choice of options, including even those that should have been initially (headlight, horn, etc.), the surcharge for which will be more than the cost of the entire CityCoco electric bike. At the same time, do not forget that the declared characteristics may not correspond to reality. If you write to the supplier that you are a wholesale customer and have extensive experience working with his competitors, he can even admit to you that for the base price the battery will be 8 Ah with a 12 Ah sticker, and for a real 12 Ah you still need to pay extra...

WeChat screenshot

Now the main question is how to deliver CityCoco from China? What is the cost of one electric scooter with delivery?

To do this, we need the Aliexpress website, a retail trading platform, the prerequisite for which is to indicate the exact price for the client, including delivery. You can see that quite often the cost of buying an electric bike with delivery to Ukraine exceeds it’s cost in Ukraine. Almost same will be to other countries.

Aliexpress web-site screenshot


These are real prices if you order an electric scooter in the amount of 1 piece. At the same time, delivery is obtained at best $ 400, unofficially, respectively, without documents and with an expectation of more than two months. Officially, as they deliver with Aliexpress (postal service in their own name), bringing the CityCoco electric scooter in the amount of 1 piece and customs clearance will cost even more.

Stores selling such large-sized equipment usually import a batch of goods in a container, in which case the cost of delivery and customs clearance of each unit is much lower than if the goods are delivered by the piece. It is this difference, paired with a good wholesale discount from the supplier, that makes the store's earnings.

A very important point is the availability of documents for the electric scooter, namely, a purchase receipt with its identification (indicating the frame/engine number). If you buy a new electric scooter in a store or from a private entrepreneur, and you are not given a document (vehicle identification check), this is a violation of the law. The product may have been smuggled in.

If there are no documents for an electric scooter, you may encounter the following problems:

- In Ukraine today, a vehicle with an engine power of up to 3 kW does not require registration and a driver's license. But you can be stopped by the police to check the power of the electric motor. It must be indicated in the document, the inscription on the motor-wheel, which may not exist at all, or not correspond to reality, is not considered

- In the event of a vehicle theft, you will not be able to return your electric scooter, even if you find a thief, since there are no documents confirming that the electric scooter is yours. The same police officer can even steal the electric bike right in front of your eyes and you won't prove anything to anyone.

But when ordering an expensive electric bike, the price somehow turns out to be slightly lower than in our store, and you are not embarrassed by the lack of documents and any guarantee for the electric scooter itself, then how will your CityCoco be different from what we sell in the store? The answer to this question is a description of the pre-sale works we carry out on each scooter

1) The battery is the most expensive part of the CityCoco electric scooter. With a low price, a good branded battery can only be delivered by mistake. How to avoid buying a scooter with a low-quality battery, and what batteries we use, you can read in our blog. Each of the batteries has been tested by us for the value of its capacity, and buying CityCoco from us, you get a battery that gives out real capacity (tolerance of deviations is no more than + - 8%). In addition, each battery undergoes a balancing process after long-term storage in the factory and during shipping, which eliminates the loss of its capacity.

2) The same goes for electric motors, which is covered in a separate blog. Additionally, we are installing a thermal sensor that prevents overheating and a reduction in resource or engine failure due to overloads and improper operation. We also varnish the motor windings, which is not done at the factory due to time savings. If the windings are not varnished, then after 2-3 years of average operation they will fray, as they vibrate due to a strong magnetic field, and expensive motor repairs will be required.

3) Charger. If the customer receives a charger with a voltage lower than the nominal voltage, the battery will not be able to fully charge, as a result of which the balancing process will not work and the battery life will be less than it could. In case of increased voltage, the battery cell control board may fail, which will lead to overcharging of the cells with all the ensuing consequences. In the standard (minimum) configuration, we give chargers with a current of 2A, they are non-branded, but we check them before giving them to the client. Non-branded chargers can sometimes fail, but in this case, we promptly change them. Also, the balancing process when using such charges does not always turn on, since the charging simply does not have the function of reducing the current at the end of the charge. Therefore, if you want the battery to last as long as possible, it is better to choose chargers with a high charge current, they are more expensive, but they are branded, and reduce the current at the end of the charge to start the balancing process. The seller will tell you in more detail, and will help you choose the optimal charger for your purposes.

4) Controller. There are a lot of questions about the correspondence of the power of the controller and the electric motor. Namely, if there is a 2000 W motor, which controller do we use, 1000 W or 2000 W? We conducted such an experiment. If the motor really has a power of 2000 W, and not just an inscription on the case, then a 1000 W controller will work with it, but not for long. Under heavy loads, it will simply burn out within 20 minutes. If you find somewhere on the forum that someone is driving with a 2000 W motor and a 1000 W controller, then know that most likely, this engine has a power significantly lower than the declared one. We not only check that the power of the controller matches the motor in each scooter, but we also test each scooter under maximum load, as well as monitor the heating of the controller. Starting from 2019, a thermal sensor is installed in each scooter so that in case of significant loads, the controller and the engine do not heat up more than normal, but turn off and cool down.

5) Wiring. In any electric scooters, such as CityCoco, including branded models, most of the connections are made on connectors, but some are assembled simply on twisted wires and wrapped with electrical tape. In non-brand CityCoco electric bikes, it also happens that, in order to save time and money, the Chinese do not install connectors at all, almost all the wiring consists of twists, which are made in a hurry. Before the sale, we check the wiring of each electric scooter, and if necessary, we change the twists for connectors, or we solder them and put on heat shrink instead of electrical tape. This eliminates the loss of contact in these places over time.

Posting in a scooter type CityCoco - image

6) Threaded connections. It is the part of the electric scooter that most affects your safety and ride comfort. Therefore, despite the fact that we do not give guarantees for threaded connections, they are checked and put in order before being handed over to the client. We do not use thread sealant, so strong vibration can cause these joints to loosen. We strongly recommend that you periodically check all connections, especially if there are extraneous sounds. If you wish, we can use a thread sealant and the connections will not loosen. But, you may not be able to unscrew them if necessary.

7) Wheels. In some cases, the tires are put on the disc crookedly and when driving even at low speeds, they create a beating. Since we test drive each electric bike before giving it back to the client, if a wheel runout is detected, we re-drive it. Also, we pay attention to the brakes, because due to an incorrectly installed caliper or pads, there may be poor roll-over, hence a reduced power reserve. But please take into account that a slight runout of the wheels can still remain and it is completely impossible to overcome it. The probable reason is that electric scooters stay in one place for a long time while sailing by sea, in addition, the pressure in the tires is often greatly reduced, which leads to deformation of the rubber. The beating in such cases is noticeable only at high speed, and so that it is not felt, you can try to reduce the pressure in the tires.

8) Chassis. In almost all models of CityCoco electric bikes, it is very simple and practically cannot have problems, since it consists of ordinary springs. Our only advantage is that we can tailor it to the client. For example, initially, springs designed for a weight of 250-300 kg are placed in the rear shock absorber, which will be harsh for most users. We have developed various versions of softer springs and can be installed at the request of the client.

9) Frame. It is made of thick steel tubes and is a very robust structure that can support significantly more passenger weight than stated in the specifications. Many users ask if the welds are visible? The answer is: “You pay almost all the cost for the battery, motor, controller and attachments. Almost all customers agree that it makes no sense to pay extra for grinding welds and other decorative work, since this has absolutely no effect on the driving process. If this is a matter of principle for you and you want a perfectly smooth frame with the highest quality paintwork, as on the original Scrooser, we can do it especially for you. But the cost of the scooter will increase significantly. " The wings are plastic, of course, you should not expect great strength from them. On impact, entering deep pits, they can break. Also the holders, with which they are attached to the frame. This is okay, since this is not an expensive repair, which in most cases is easily done at home using ordinary glue. But for an additional fee, we can strengthen the structure if you live in a region with very bad roads, or if you buy scooters for rent.

10) Waterproofing. We make special video to tell about it:

11) Customization. CityCoco electric scooters have a fairly large number of functions that are not available from the factory, for example, cruise control. We are adding these features to provide a more comfortable ride and improve vehicle performance.

The pre-sale preparation of the CityCoco electric bike for the above points takes quite a long time. Each scooter takes from 3 to 8 hours of continuous operation. You can immediately buy electric scooters that are in our stores for showing to customers and for a test drive. In addition, we strive to always collect and stock a certain number of e-scooters ready for sale in various configurations. But at the same time (especially in the period from March to October), when ordering a certain configuration (color of the wings, engine and battery power), there may not be a ready-made version, so you may have to wait a few days while we prepare and test the new CityCoco electric scooter for you

Quite often clients try to blackmail us by saying that they will go and buy the same product from our competitors. Our answer: “This is not a problem. Yes, a similar product is sold in Ukraine, at the same time, quite widely. But almost all sellers of such goods do not give a real guarantee and they do not have a service center. From the practice of contacting non-our customers to our service center, often the product has the same quality and configuration as if you received it by purchasing from the link on the alibaba provided at the beginning of the article. Such electric scooters often require expensive repairs pretty soon after purchase, associated with replacing the battery, engine and other components. Even if you are promised a guarantee, then in the event of overheating of the motor/controller, this will most likely be considered a non-warranty case, attributed to improper operation or exceeding the maximum loads. There is no protection against overheating as standard, as well as the concept of correct/incorrect operation. Therefore, dear customer, it is very likely that if for some reason you buy an electric bike not from us, then someday contact us for service and spare parts".

Keep in mind that buying an e-scooter directly from China will give you absolutely no guarantee! We have verified this on our own experience: even we, wholesale customers, have no real guarantee from Chinese factories. We give a guarantee to our clients on our own behalf. In addition, as the experience of users of the largest Russian-language electric transport forum shows, even when ordering branded models such as LUQI HL 3.0, the goods can arrive in a terrible state, and sometimes even inoperative. The Chinese are not interested in retail customers (it doesn't matter if you order through an intermediary or yourself), so they deliberately shove them off a bad product. It is worth ordering through an intermediary only if you are sure that he will make a refund in the event of a bad product, and issues a corresponding check.

In addition, we remind you that we are making changes to the Chinese design of some models. For example, such models as CityCoco Ride, CityCoco Ride Pro are the development of our store together with the Chinese. Of course, other factories may copy them over time, and there may already be similar items on sale. But we are always one step ahead, always striving to maximize the technical characteristics and product quality, making our own changes in the development, taking into account the comments and wishes of customers.

In 2020, we collected the most powerful CityCoco in the world from branded high-quality components, its peak power reaches 20,000 watts! It took us 2 years to find a plant that agreed to make a wheel rim suitable for the CityCoco form factor, which already had a branded engine from QS Motors.

Despite this, almost all clients are interested in the question:

"How can you buy a CityCoco electric scooter in our store, but cheaper? Bargaining is appropriate?"

There is an opportunity to buy an electric scooter cheaper and without compromising quality during off-season. During this period, there are not such a large number of orders, the craftsmen do not overwork, therefore, the cost of assembling an electric scooter is lower, which is reflected in the final price. During the season, it may also sometimes be possible to get a lower price for some configurations, but taking into account the fact that you will wait for your order for a while, for example, a week - a month.

If you want to buy a CityCoco electric bike at a significant discount, and you do not need the above changes and improvements, we can sell you an electric scooter "out of the box" - as we get it from China. We cannot give you a guarantee for such an electric scooter. But it will be safer than ordering it yourself from China, since you will have the opportunity to test its performance at the time of receipt and payment.

Attention! If you are intimidated by the fact that the CityCoco electric scooter requires some modifications, and you want to buy an initially “ideal, factory scooter”, then go to scrooser.com and buy a "European original" for the appropriate price.

Screenshot from Scrooser website

In terms of technical characteristics, this sample will be inferior to even the simplest CityCoco models of electric scooters presented in our store, and it costs almost ten times more, despite the fact that the electrical components for it will still be produced in China.

The task of our store is to bring a CityCoco electric bike with high-quality filling, get the highest possible technical characteristics, perform a full-fledged pre-sale preparation, test in real conditions and give a real guarantee to the buyer. We try to satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients.

In addition, starting in 2020, we completely independently began to produce CityCoco in Ukraine! So far, there is only one model, and that is a tricycle. Chinese CityCoco tricycles have a large number of significant drawbacks, so instead of importing them (spoiling the reputation of our store), we had to develop a model with a completely different design. Details in the video: