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RIDE Bike Shop

RIDE Bike Shop is a company that modernizes and manufactures CityCoco form factor electric scooters in Ukraine. These are universal, reliable and technological electric bikes. The store is located in Kiev, but we organize delivery to all cities and countries. We provide fast warranty service and availability of all spare parts.

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25168 грн
22651 грн
(792 USD)
A versatile electric scooter with the ability to drive off-road, good functionality and an affordable price.
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71500 грн
64350 грн
(2250 USD)
The most powerful CityCoco in the world with the highest quality branded electrical components.
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38896 грн
35006 грн
(1224 USD)
Practical, functional electric scooter with 2 quick-removable batteries. Has all-wheel drive.
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111540 грн
100386 грн
(3510 USD)
The CityCoco tricycle of our own production with two motor-wheels and independent suspension.
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56342 грн
50622 грн
(1770 USD)
European design, removable battery.
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26884 грн
24196 грн
(846 USD)
Cheap electric scooter with quick-removable battery.
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Until the end of February 2022, there is a discount of -10% of the price for all bikes. Don't need to move your purchase until the end of winter, it's sense to buy an electric bike and ride it now, because we give you an extended warranty. Regardless of when you buy an electric scooter - in September 2021 or February 2022, the warranty will be valid until the end of February 2023.