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CityCoco Ride Lux (Code: 01-22)


CityCoco Ride Lux is a new premium electric bike model for the European market with replaceable batteries. We have installed a powerful vector controller, which allows you to adjust the smoothness of the start in different driving modes and the recuperation power.

A driver's license is not required, since the rated power is in fact and documented a little less than 3000W.


CityCoco Ride Lux specifications:

Battery: 60V 30Ah to 60V 80Ah (optional, see below)
Continius motor power: 3000W
Controller: Fardriver 72240 (240A phase current, 70A battery current)
Wheel size:

diameter 19 inches, rear wheel width 22.5 cm

Brake system: hydraulic
Shock absorbers: front, rear 
Signaling: yes
The display on the steering wheel:

speedometer, odometer, battery level indicator

Optional: phone holder and charger, reverse gear
Turn Signals and Mirrors: yes
Headlights: front and back
Seat for the second passenger: yes, with a trunk inside

Mileage at a speed of 35 km/h:

105 km with one battery 60V 30Ah

143 km with two batteries 60V 30Ah + 12Ah

260 km with two batteries 60V 30Ah + 50Ah

Mileage at a speed of 50 km/h:

62 km with one battery 60V 30Ah

80 km with two batteries 60V 30Ah + 12Ah

165 km with two batteries 60V 30Ah + 50Ah

Maximum speed:

70 km/h


0-40 km/h in 5 sec

Maximum load: 220kg
Clearance: 17 cm
Uphill slope: 40%
Bike dimensions: 203x110x80cm (with handlebar removed 203x87x47cm)
Bike weight: 80-95 kg (depending on configuration)


12 months warranty

Battery capacity:
Charger current:
Price: 116643 грн
(3240 USD)
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