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In this section of the RIDE BIKE SHOP you can buy CityCoco e-bikes (electric scooters) at affordable prices:

Comments (4)
49874 грн
38625 грн
(1030 USD)
Cheap electric scooter with quick-removable battery.
Comments (3)
68624 грн
(1830 USD)
Practical, functional electric scooter with 2 quick-removable batteries. Has all-wheel drive.
Comments (12)
104999 грн
(2800 USD)
The most powerful CityCoco in the world with the highest quality branded electrical components.
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119999 грн
(3200 USD)
New model for the European market with a variable vector controller.
Comments (2)
168748 грн
(4500 USD)
The CityCoco tricycle of our own production with two motor-wheels and independent suspension.
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47624 грн
(1270 USD)
A versatile electric scooter with the ability to drive off-road, good functionality and an affordable price.
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307496 грн
(8200 USD)
Electric motorcycle Flash with a maximum power of 58 kW (80 hp) and mileage of 250 km.
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307496 грн
(8200 USD)
Electric analog of Ducati Panigale with a maximum power of 58 kW (80 hp) and mileage of 250 km.
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In the RIDE BIKE SHOP you can buy electric bikes like CityCoco. This is a new generation of premium mopeds that operate on electric traction and do not require a driver's license and registration in Ukraine!

By purchasing such an electric scooter, you will receive a number of advantages.:

1. Efficiency

Your trips will not require a lot of money - on average, you will spend only 4 UAH on electricity for a journey of 100 km. Batteries last from 3 to 7 years depending on driving style, storage conditions, charging and mileage.

2. Minimum maintenance

Unlike petrol counterparts, electric bikes are virtually maintenance free. Sometimes you only need to change the brake pads and lubricate the bearings, which you can do in our RIDE electric scooter shop.

A moped on a gasoline engine has many rubbing elements, there is a gearbox, a chain. These elements wear out due to constant friction and must be lubricated and replaced periodically. It is rare that gasoline scooters travel more than 50 thousand km without overhauling the engine or replacing it, as well as updating other transmission elements. In an electric bike with such a mileage, only the replacement of the battery and small parts of the chassis is necessary..

3. Durability

The big plus of electric bikes is that they use a brushless motor mounted directly in the wheel, which has no elements subject to intense friction. It is a very durable construction.

4. Convenience

Wide wheels, frame design - everything is done for maximum comfort of movement. Thanks to this, the bike can stand on its own even without a footboard and it is very stable on the road, of course, as long as you do not exceed the speed limit when cornering. CityCoco is three in one: an electric scooter, an electric scooter and a motorcycle.

5. Environmentally friendly

And, finally, by buying an electric scooter in Ukraine, you will contribute to improving the environmental situation in the country, you will not poison yourself and others with exhaust gases and create unnecessary noise with the roar of the engine.

Arriving for a test drive in our electric bike shop in Kyiv you can experience the full power of electric traction and the comfort of an electric scooter. You will have the opportunity to buy the model you like or order an electric bike at an affordable price in the configuration and color you need.

You can buy or order an electric bike not only in Kyiv but throughout Ukraine - we will deliver the purchase to your address. You can also buy our electric bikes in other stores in many cities of Ukraine.