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Tricycle CityCoco Ride 3 (Code: 01-09)


Tricycles in the form factor CityCoco produce in China for several years. But at the same time they all have disadvantages, which the Chinese did not want to fight. Therefore, we do not sell Chinese tricycles CityCoco, but have developed our own model in Ukraine, taking into account the shortcomings of the Chinese ones. The main advantages of our tricycle are the presence of two motors in the wheels with a total peak power of up to 6000W, as well as independent suspension and a significantly stronger frame. See the video below for more details. 

When choosing a configuration with two batteries, the bundle includes a two charging. Register the most powerful configuration in registration authorities not required because the rated power does not exceed 4000W. 

Attention! An updated and significantly improved tricycle model will be available in early May, the announcement can be found here. Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel so you don't miss the review of the new tricycle!


CityCoco Ride 3 specifications:

Battery: 60V 30/50Ah (price depending on the type of battery is indicated under the characteristics)
Long-term power of each engine: 1000W/1500W/2000W
Peak power of two motors: 2500W/3400W/4500W/6000W
Brake system: hydraulic disc brakes
Shock absorbers: front, rear
Signaling: available, with the possibility of locking wheels
The display on the steering wheel: available, speedometer, odometer, battery level indicator, voltmeter and error panel
Turn signals and mirrors: available
Headlights: front and back LED
Second seat: available, removable

Mileage at a speed of 30 km/h:

87 km (with one battery 30Ah )

150 km (with two batteries 30Ah + 20Ah)

Mileage at a speed of 60 km/h:

31 km (with one battery 30Ah)

54 km (with two batteries 30Ah + 20Ah)

Maximum speed:

35 km/h with 1000W motors

40 km/h with 1500W motors

60 km/h with 2000W motors

Torque: 120-210 nm depending on configuration
Maximum load: 250 kg
Clearance: 20 cm
Angle lifting uphill: from 18° to 35° depending on configuration
Bike dimensions: 205x120x105 cm (with removed steering wheel 205x100x105cm)
Bike weight: 80 kg - 90 kg depending on configuration

12 months warranty

Engine power:
Battery capacity:
Charger current:
Price: 64961 грн
(2320 USD)
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