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Tricycle CityCoco Ride 3 (Code: 01-13)


Until the end of February 2022, there is a discount of -10% of the price. Don't need to move your purchase until the end of winter, it's sense to buy an electric bike and ride it now, because we give you an extended warranty. Regardless of when you buy an electric scooter - in September 2021 or February 2022, the warranty will be valid until the end of February 2023.


Tricycles in the CityCoco form factor have been produced in China for several years. But at the same time, they all have disadvantages that the Chinese do not want to fight against.

Therefore, we do not sell Chinese CityCoco tricycles, but have developed our own model in Ukraine, taking into account the shortcomings of the Chinese ones. The main advantages of our tricycle are the presence of two motors in the wheels with a total peak power of up to 40kW, as well as independent suspension and a significantly stronger frame. See the video below for more details. The electric scooter is assembled by prior order.



CityCoco Ride 3 specifications:

Battery: from 60V 25Ah to 77.7V 126Ah (the price depending on the type of battery is indicated under the characteristics)
Rated power: 3000W
Peak power of two motors: from 7000W to 40000W depending on the battery
Wheel size: diameter 18 inches, width 22,5cm
Brake system: hydraulic disc brakes
Shock absorbers: front, rear
Signaling: available
The display on the steering wheel: available, speedometer, odometer, watch, voltmeter and wattmeter
Turn signals and mirrors: available
Headlights: front and back
Second seat: available

Mileage at a speed of 30 km/h:

81 km (with battery 60V 25Ah)

153 km (with battery 60V 45Ah)

151 km (with battery 77.7V 36Ah)

302 km (with battery 77.7V 72Ah)

530 km (with battery 77.7V 126Ah)

Mileage at a speed of 55 km/h:

47 km (with battery 60V 25Ah)

95 km (with battery 60V 45Ah)

93 km (with battery 77.7V 36Ah)

186 km (with battery 77.7V 72Ah)

330 km (with battery 77.7V 126Ah)

Maximum speed:

55 km/h with 60V battery.

From 35 to 75 km/h with a 77.7V battery, depending on the motor wiring (to be discussed when ordering).

The lower the speed, the higher the torque.

Torque: 350-600 nm depending on the motor wiring (can be discussed when ordering)
Maximum load on frame: 300 kg
Clearance: 21 cm
Angle lifting uphill:
Bike dimensions: 220x128x110 cm
Bike weight: 130-160kg depending on battery

12 months warranty

Battery capacity:
Charger current:
Old price: 101010 грн
Price: 90909 грн
(3330 USD)
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