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CityCoco Connect 2 (Code: 01-15)


Until the end of February 2022, there is a discount of -10% of the price. Don't need to move your purchase until the end of winter, it's sense to buy an electric bike and ride it now, because we give you an extended warranty. Regardless of when you buy an electric scooter - in September 2021 or February 2022, the warranty will be valid until the end of February 2023.

CityCoco Connect 2 is a versatile walkable electric scooter for those who live in the city and have problems with charging the battery. Its huge advantage is its quick-detachable battery, which you can easily charge at home, in the office, in the store, etc.In a dual battery configuration, 2 chargers are included.

If you are looking for a cheaper e-scooter with a removable battery, we also have the previous Connect model on sale.

CityCoco Connect 2 specifications:

Battery: Quick-removable up to 60V 50Ah/77,7V 36Ah (there is a choice of battery, see below)
Continuous motor power: 1500W/2000W/3000W + all-wheel drive (there is a choice of engine, see below)
Peak controller power: up to 8000W
Wheel size: diameter 18 inches, width 22,5cm
Brake system: hydraulic disc brakes
Shock absorbers: front, rear
Signaling: available, with the possibility of locking wheels
The display on the steering wheel: available, speedometer, odometer, voltmeter
Turn signals and mirrors: available
Headlights: front and back LED
Second seat: available

Mileage at a speed of 30 km/h:

65 km (60V 20 Ah battery)

80 km (60V 25 Ah battery)

130 km (60V 20 Ah 2pcs batteries)

160 km (60V 25 Ah 2pcs or 77.7V 18Ah 2pcs batteries)

Mileage at 60 km/h:

38 km (60V 20 Ah battery)

47 km (60V 25 Ah battery)

76 km (60V 20 Ah 2pcs batteries)

95 km (60V 25 Ah 2pcs or 77.7V 18Ah 2pcs batteries)

Maximum speed:

42 km/h in 1500W configuration

60 km/h in 2000W configuration

75 km/h in 3000W configuration


1000W  0-35 km/h: 13 sec

1500W  0-35 km/h: 9 sec

2000W/3000W  0-35 km/h: 7 sec

2000W/3000W  0-50 km/h: 11 sec

Maximum load: 1500W up to 130kg, 2000W/3000W up to 180kg, AWD up to 230kg
Clearance: 20 cm
Slope uphill: 1500W up to 18%, 2000W up to 26%, 2 wheel drive up to 40%
Bike dimensions: 185x115x80cm (with the steering wheel removed 185x87x45cm)
Bike weight: 60-80kg depending on configuration

12 months warranty

Engine power:
Battery capacity:
Charger current:
Old price: 37128 грн
Price: 33415 грн
(1224 USD)
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