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Lighting devices

In this section of the RIDE BIKE SHOP you can buy headlights, speedometers, turn signals and mirrors for CityCoco electric scooters:

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819 грн
(30 USD)
4 in 1: headlight, a speedometer, an audio signal and a central lock. Suitable for almost all electric scooters CityCoco.
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956 грн
(35 USD)
LED headlight with speedometer as on models Сonnect . 60V 3W.
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1010 грн
(37 USD)
Powerful LED headlight similar to Ride Pro models. 60V 6W.
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273 грн
(10 USD)
Original mirrors CityCoco. Suitable also for all scooters with 8mm carving for mirror.
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956 грн
(35 USD)
Speedometer with mileage counter and voltmeter for high-speed electric scooters CityCoco premium.
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1775 грн
(65 USD)
Original brand speedometer for CityCoco LUQI.
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4368 грн
(160 USD)
Color programmable monitor for controller Kelly.
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1583 грн
(58 USD)
Speedometer for CityCoco Long Range (copy of CityCoco LUQI speedometer).
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328 грн
(12 USD)
Diode strip includes turn signals, rear light and brake light.
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355 грн
(13 USD)
The diode strip includes turn signals, rear light and brake light.
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82 грн
(3 USD)
Glass for fenders with turn signals on 60V.
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