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Controller of engine of 1000-3000w (Code: 04-09)


Controller for CityCoco, dimensions and specifications at operating voltage 63V:

1000W - 9 transistors, peak power 1300W, 8,5х13х4,5cm

1500W - 12 transistors, peak power 1800W, 8,5х15х4,5cm

2000W - 15 transistors, peak power 2400W, 8,5х18,5х4,5cm

2500W - 18 transistors, peak power 3000W, 10,5х17х6cm

3000W - 24 transistors, peak power 4800W, 12х22,5х7,5cm

Cruise control activation is possible for a surcharge. Also, for a surcharge, it is possible to install protection against overheating. From factory there is no any protection. 

Working voltage 48-72V.

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Controller rated power:
Price: 1120 грн
(40 USD)
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